“I love this picture so much! It is such a perfect picture of what our home birth was like. I remember sitting at the edge of the pool with my eyes closed and being in my own world. At the time I did not care what was going on around me. I love that Beth was able to capture all the intimacy and peacefulness of our home birth and thanks to her I am able to see glimpses from a perspective I would have missed.” -Mom

“It’s amazing how a photo can fill you with the emotion of the moment. When I see this picture I am overwhelmed with the feeling of support and love that we were surrounded with when our daughter was born.” -Mom

“When I look at this image, I am reminded of the amazing group of people surrounding me in those moments, the love and support I felt, my amazing husband telling me how much he loves me and the overwhelming joy of holding our little girl in my arms for the first time.” -Mom

“When I see this image it makes me smile because I know it holds a secret. This image was taken minutes before our daughter was born. Beth was able to capture the moment she was crowning before anyone else knew.” -Mom

“I love this picture, freezing our son’s first moment in this world. A beautiful ending to a great night!” -Dad

“After the baby is born they are often whisked away to be bathed and cleaned from the afterbirth. This image captures a baby in its purest state, a visual that would otherwise soon be forgotten.” -Photographer

“My beautiful baby girl was bright eyed from day one, and this picture captures her personality in it’s entirety. It brings me back to her first day of life, which was the best day of our lives.” -Mom

“Audrey has my toes, and every time I see this picture I smile. She is the most precious gift we could ever ask for.” -Mom

“Without this image I don’t know if I would remember this moment so clearly. This photograph captures such an amazing moment of my life — one that I do not ever want to forget. When I see this image it makes me feel so proud of that day and what we accomplished and so happy that our baby was healthy. I feel so blessed that I am able to relive this moment every time I see this photograph.” -Mom

“When I see this image it takes me back to the most memorable day of my life, when I became a father.  I felt an immediate connection with Audrey and thanks to Beth, I will always remember the way I felt because this special moment was captured.” -Dad

“This image makes me feel like time had stood still as I was introduced to my granddaughter. The amazing image that was captured that day brings me to tears every time I see it as it fills my heart with so much joy.” -Grandma

“This image makes me smile, so, so big. I love seeing the excitement in my family’s faces. The importance of the day your child is born is about more than just the baby and the parents, it is about the families and how their lives will be forever touched. This image reminds me of the love and adoration our families have for our daughter.” -Mom

“The first moment you and your granddaughters eyes meet is something you can’t describe, but to have a picture to help to recapture that moment is priceless.” -Grandma

“This image captures such calm in the chaos of other children running around just minutes after the baby was born. I love being able to capture the moment when a parent meets eyes with their child for the first time. It’s like nothing else is going on around him.” -Photographer

“Each child is such a special gift, with different personalities. That’s what this image means to me – love and adoration for each one of your children.” -Photographer

“This picture brings a smile to my face when I see my older two boys gazing at their new brother as my husband warmly introduces them. He’s usually not in our birth photos, but with Beth there, we’re able to have all of our moments captured!” -Mom

“Absolute bliss. The connection between this woman and her child radiates from this image. Such a special connection between mother and child. I am honored to capture these moments.” -Photographer

“Any mother of multiple children will tell you that love only grows with each child. This image captures the connection and love between mother and son, in the midst of the chaos that is bringing a new baby into the world.” -Photographer

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